Alundra Blayze Mattel Elite Custom

We were excited to accept a commission to depict Debra Miceli as she appeared in the World Wrestling Federation, from 1993-1995, during which she wrestled under the name Alundra Blayze and held the Women’s Championship twice.

We began with a Kelly Kelly Elite figure and trimmed the hair to about shoulder length, then painted it a paler, almost platinum blond.

For the most accurate appearance, we created a complete spandex bodysuit and sewed it permanently in place. We also made matching fabric forearm sleeves. The Mattel female kick pad boot mold is shorter and bulkier than what Blayze wore, so we made spandex kick pads and trimmed down the tops of the boots to ensure a tapered fit. After painting the boots black, we added the signature logo of the Asics Tigers wrestling shoes she wore for much of her career.

A removable entrance jacket was also created from shiny white vinyl to best match the real thing. A custom WWF Women’s Championship belt completes this one-of-kind custom.

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