Chi-Town Rumble 89 Ric Flair (Mattel Elite)

This custom memorializes Ric Flair as he appeared on February 20, 1989 at Chi-Town Rumble, when he wrestled Ricky Steamboat in what is widely considered one of the greatest matches of all-time.

(Also available in an exclusive 2-pack)
  • Robe customized with tapered sleeves and “Nature Boy” on back
  • Full boot repaint
  • Highly detailed precision-cut decals on boots and trunks
  • Hand-painted belt featuring genuine leather backing and sparkling ruby effect
  • Fabric kneepads w/real foam padding and opening in back (a first as far as we’ve seen)
  • Figure stand

The head and robe are from a Jakks figure. The sleeves were originally very wide, like a wizard’s robe, so we altered them to better reflect how his robe really fit that night–tapered forearms with the upper arm billowing a bit. It also originally said “Ric Flair” on the back so we removed it and replaced it with “Nature Boy” to be more accurate.

The body is from a Mattel Legends Terry Funk figure. Many customizers do not bother to repaint Funk’s boots because they’re similar to what Flair wore. However, they’re not exactly alike (the pattern is different and Flair’s were very glossy), so we opted for a repaint. Also, there’s the obvious addition of his signature RF monogram added to the boots (and script monogram added to the trunks).

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