Chi-Town Rumble 89 Ricky Steamboat (Mattel Elite)

Here is the counterpart to our Chi-Town Rumble Ric Flair.

(Also available in an exclusive 2-pack)
  • Original sculpted headband replaced with removable fabric headband
  • Custom gi/kimono top
    • Tailored hem and sleeves
    • Shoulder and chest patches
    • Hand-painted back design
    • Fabric black belt
  • Boots re-sculpted and fully repainted
  • Hand-painted belt featuring genuine leather backing and faux rubies
  • Fabric spandex tights
  • Figure stand

This began as a Mattel Legends Ricky Steamboat figure. After cutting out the existing headband, we sculpted and painted hair to fill the gap left.

The robe is from a Jakks Royce Gracie figure and, as such, was a little too big before alterations. The tights were made custom by us and we feel fit the figure better than other figure tights we’ve seen (which tend to have a looser fit).

Steamboat’s boots were unique in that they were higher in the front than in the back, exposing his socks. To the best of our knowledge, there are no Mattel figures with that kind of boot so we sculpted a pair of Randy Orton Elite boots in this fashion and then completely repainted them.

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