Imaginext Bizarro & Poison Ivy 2-Pack

We created these custom Imaginext figures as a holiday gift for a 3-year-old. (This was created before Mattel released their own Poison Ivy that puts this one to shame.)

While most of our figures are meant for adult collectors and for display purposes only, these were made to be played with. As such, we coated them with a large amount of gloss sealer. Still, some paint rub is to be expected but we’re confident it’ll be no worse than the usual wear and tear toys straight from the factory experience.

Custom Imaginext BizarroWhile Fisher price already makes a cool Imaginext Bizarro, he just doesn’t look as messed up as Bizarro is usually portrayed. As such, we re-purposed an older style Superman by resculpting the face, repainting the hands and face, and adding a new backwards logo to make him look more like the Bizarro we’re used to. We also added his trademark “Bizarro #1″ pendant, but we don’t expect that to stand up to the rigors of playtime.

Custom Imaginext Poison IvyPoison Ivy was a simple repaint of a new Wonder Woman figure. We took the figure apart as much as possible to ensure we could apply paint in all of the undercuts and areas one wouldn’t necessarily notice immediately. We weren’t sure what to do with her lasso so we repainted it to be reminiscent of one of Ivy’s vines.

Custom Imaginext PackagingFinally, we customized the package to look like something that came right off the shelf. The figures can also be easily removed without damaging the packaging.

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