Wrestlemania XXVII Edge (Mattel Elite, Entrance Greats)

This piece was commissioned to capture Edge’s appearance in his final in-ring match against Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania XXVII.

While “The Rated-R Superstar” is one of the most produced figures by Mattel, there doesn’t exist an Elite version of him with the correct combination of skin tone, facial hair, hair length, and tattoos for this particular match. As such, we culled different figures for the torso, arms, lower body, and head to get the right look. We then touched up the body hair and shortened and highlighted the hair on his head. We also enhanced the tattoos, making his right forearm tattoo (which Mattel tends to place upside-down) from scratch and hand-coloring those on his upper left arm. Edge also has poseable fingers.

We created fabric elbow sleeves/pads and wristbands (instead of just painting black wrist tape), including a fabric sleeve to simulate how Edge taped over the left elbow pad to help keep it in place. (We’ve seen others paint the elbow white underneath, but that’s not accurate at all.) We also made fabric tights and kick pads, as well as trimmed down the tops of the boots to make the transition between the two more tapered. The tights are not removable which ensures a proper fit. We think we achieved a much more accurate look than would have been possible using paint and standard kick pad boots.

Kick pad boot and broken racing stripeOn the left, you can see how the Mattel kick pad boot mold differs from Edge’s real kick pad (large band at the top) and how, even straight from the factory, the racing stripe gets broken up by the knee joint.

Custom accessories:
  • World title belt
    • Faux rubies
    • Genuine leather strap
    • Edge nameplate
  • Custom-made entrance jacket modeled after the real thing
    • Hand painted
    • Dozens of tiny rhinestones and patch details applied by hand
    • Unlike factory-made Edge jacket, this allows the arms to still be posed
  • Custom-made “Rated-R Superstar” base plays entrance music loud and clear

Update: Mattel recently released a figure of Edge wearing these same tights and we think our version stacks up extremely favorably against it.

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